Prisming With Lindsey

February 21, 2017: It wouldn’t be a true trip to Florida without seeing Lindsey. Whether we shoot or not, it’s become my own personal tradition to see her smiling face. This time we actually had the chance to hang out, catch up, and make some neat photos together.

So I picked up a prism off Amazon, (I’ll add the link later of the one I used), and proceeded to just mess around with it. As you can see below my results varied. Some photos even have my feet in them:

Like this one…. 🙂              (This is sometimes the only way I can get in the photo.)DSC_0797rz


The funny reason behind many of Lindsey’s illusive and shy floppy hat shots are due to the two men who literally stared her down for the whole twenty minutes we were in that location.  She’s a trooper.


Gorgeous necklace designed by Brianna B of @beachchains located in Virginia Beach, VA. LINDS-0918rzLINDS-0946rz

I got a little bored with the red background. 🙂LINDS-0949creativerzLINDS-0958rzLINDS-0962rzLINDS-1005rzLINDS-1012rzDSC_0771rzDSC_0781rzDSC_0784rzDSC_0808rzDSC_0831rz

Hope you enjoyed these photos.


Model: Lindsey R. /Orlando, Fl.

Photographer & Styling: Sara A. / Virginia Beach, VA.

Necklace: Beach Chains / Virginia Beach, VA.

Men’s Flannel: Billabong

Hat/Denim: Billabong Women’s

Prism: (workin on it)


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